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Cambodia Travel Guide - Travel

Cambodia is abundant in record, culture and dazzling tourism means. Cambodia also furnishes people with a wide range of the moment undiscovered cultural and historic points of interest through the Kingdom and the twin theme guiding Cambodia tourism is "Culture and Nature". But there are whole lot of things you should know previously learn about this spectacular state...

Passport and Visas:

Cambodia has seriously liberal visa polices. It is meant to say a legitimate passport and visa are demanded for entry. Visas can be received at Phnom Penh Worldwide Airport or Siem Reap (Angkor) Airport. All travelers have to do is deliver along two passport dimension photographs and fill up visa software. A just one-month tourist visa prices US$twenty even while a company visa prices US$25.00. Visa software kind will be given on inbound flights. Visas are also to choose from at Thai/Cambodian overland border crossing.


Riel is the Cambodia's forex. To check for the modern exchange amount, make sure you refer to our GoCambodia's entrance-website page, positioned top rated properly website page. Regardless the US dollar is widely accepted.


* To and From Cambodia: Most visitors are flying into the Worldwide Airports at possibly Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Fairly recently a escalating numbers of people are also arriving overland from Cambodia and Thailand.

* On arrival, Motorbike taxis (Motodub) and taxis can be rented just outside the arrival lobby. From Phnom Penh Worldwide airport to any place in Phnom Penh will price tag you $7.00 even while Motordub is charging $one.00 to $2.00. The distance is about eight kilometers to town.


Space amount is commencing from $3 to $200 for every night time. Regardless of whether you have a preference for to stay at Visitor Residences with no air-con but enthusiast, a motel design will price tag you from $10 to $forty five or you may well stay at just one of the five stars hotel e.g. Cambodiana, Le Royal or Inter-Continental. The price tag of $10 and up will equip with air conditioner, refrigerator and a cable Tv set.

Tipping and Bargaining:

Tipping is not expected in Cambodia but if you meet up with with excellent providers or kindness, a suggestion is continuously appreciated. Salaries stay exceptionally decreased in Cambodia. Bargaining is the rule in the markets, when you are using the services of motor vehicles or deciding to buy things. A persuasive smile and a small pleasant temperament is often ample to get a beneficial total price.

The tourist habits code is published with the intention to decrease any that may well arise involving visitors and citizens because of to variances in language and customs. It is also to fortify and even renew a sensation of pride in the localized citizens, their culture and produce an option for visitors to master, recognize and regard the Khmer culture. It aims to inform visitors about the localized modern society, its customs, gown code and suitable habits in religious and other areas

Swakum! Welcome!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Cambodia. It will make no variation irrespective of whether you are here on company or enjoyment. You are in for a handle. You will catch a glimpse of the Khmer citizens, their record, culture and nature by using the pristine shorelines, healthy landscapes, quaint villages, exotic classic dances, the community popular Angkor intricate and archaeological treasures.

Correct Greetings

Cambodians ordinarily greet each other by signing up for their hands in concert in entrance of their chest and bowing frequently (Chum Reap Suor) followed by the western apply of shaking hands.Despite the fact that males have a tendency to shake ands with each other, a lot of women often use the classic greeting with both males and other a lot of women. It is deemed suitable for foreigners to shake hands with Cambodians of both sexes. When you are invited to a gathering, it is polite to make an exertion to thoroughly greet the citizens you meet up with on your arrival. * You should reply to greetings from other people. It is deemed disrespectful not to return greetings by other citizens. * When you enter pagodas (wats) sit with your toes to the aspect relatively than in lotus placement, then you join both hands in concert below chin and bow three occasions to the floor. Continually be seated when the monks are seated.


There are loads of photographic outlets in Cambodia, delivering intercontinental regular providers. Be totally sure to consider a sufficient amount of pictures so you can consider again beneficial recollections of the Kingdom. Photographers are cost-free to shoot close to all sorts of things. Regardless, a few ideas should be noticed. * If photographing localized citizens, continuously request their permission to begin with. Most of them will be happy to pose for you.* Getting pictures of navy bases and other designated safety locations is prohibited.* Request permission previously taking photographs within pagodas, royal palaces, other sacred areas or exceptional functions.

Checking out Pagodas (Wats) and other religious and classic areas

The official religion of Cambodia is Theravada Buddhism, which is also practiced in neighboring countries like Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. The sight of a saffron-robed monk is well-known through the Kingdom and close to every single village experienced a pagoda (wat). * Readers should gown neatly in all religious areas. They should hardly ever go shirtless, in shorts, scorching pants or other unsuitable attire. * Footwear, sandals and a hat should be taken off when getting into a mosque or a pagoda (wat) where Buddhist photos are held. Every single Buddha picture, giant or minor, perfectly held or in ruins, is regarded sacred. * Never climb onto a Buddha or photograph a Buddha within a temple without the need of inquiring permission. Continually be respectful when viewing a Buddha picture.


There is no regulation on tipping in Cambodia. Regardless, tipping is enormously appreciated as salaries are decreased. The benefit of the suggestion is optional, relying on specific generosity. It should commensurate with the level of program rendered. A minor current, as a substitute of a suggestion, is enormously appreciated.


Bargaining is a way of everyday living in Cambodia and loads of outlets will give special discounts immediately after negotiation. Cambodia is mentioned for its handicrafts - handmade article content these as silk resources, wooden carvings, stone copies of Khmer art, silver merchandise and jeweler are well worth deciding to buy. It is unlawful to export any antique art objects.

Exclusive Habits

Polite habits is welcome all over the place. What is deemed polite in other countries is more than likely deemed polite in Cambodia much too. Regardless, there are few customs, social and religious taboos.* Cambodians admire a relaxed and deemed tactic to all elements of everyday living. Open up exhibit of temper and rage should be prevented.* It is deemed a grave insult to touch a further person's head, even if is meant as a pleasant gesture.* Use the properly hand to acknowledge things or shake hands.* It is deemed rude to level your foot at a human being or item.* Preserve an open up brain and do not desire substantially from your host. Loud voices and boisterous habits are deemed impolite. Smiling and nodding establishes beneficial intent.* Manifeste shows of passion involving males and a lot of women are frowned upon.If you like somebody to come through to you, movement with your complete hand, palm down. Do not signal with your finger.* When picking your tooth with a toothpick immediately after a meal, it is deemed polite to maintain the toothpick with just one hand and to cover your open up mouth with the other.* In non-public houses, it is polite to remove your footwear when getting into the home.* Be appreciative of citizens who recognize* By observing the habits code, you can thoroughly experience your stay in Cambodia and consider dwelling pleasurable recollections.

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